More of Those, Please


Clearly we had a pretty good weekend…  How was yours?

Friday we ducked out for some nearly mediocre Tex-Mex at Tony’s, which is sad since it used to be one of our favorite restaurants.  (We even had our baby shower there…)  What’s worse, afterward both Jen and I suffered some intestinal fireworks, so it looks like that was our last sojourn to Tony’s.

Guess we’ll start frequenting the El Tiempo that just opened instead.

Anyway, Daphne slept through the majority of dinner but did wake up near the end of our meal and promptly freaked the hell out since she didn’t know where she was.
The poor little thing actually shook she was so scared.
But, after about 3 or 4 minutes of soothing, she calmed down and went back to being her happy little self.  I guess that means we have to start taking her out more places?

Saturday was pretty laid back as well.  Jen played with Daphne most of the day, and I rocked quite a bit of Magic Online.  There was a wagon walk around the creek in there somewhere too, which was nice.

BumbleDay went off swimmingly as well, with some Kelty hiking, some Baby First, and a lot of playing upstairs.

Although things went slightly south once we left for the weekly dinner/groceries trip.

First, we forgot to bring the stroller.  And we didn’t realize this until after we’d parked the car outside Whole Foods.  We very nearly went home to retrieve it, but decided we’d just wing it and hold Daph on our laps during dinner.  This actually worked out surprisingly well.  So much so that we’re going to start leaving the stroller at home in the future too.

Then Jen had a footwear incident, by which I mean she tore the whole strap off the top of her sandal.  This necessitated a trip to the SteinMart next door for a cheap shoe swap.

And later, at HEB, I spent my time trying to convince Daphne she should not chew the metal parts of the grocery cart.
I mean, we wiped them down first but…

Okay, that there was a weekend.  See you guys tomorrow.


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