All Overwatch. All the Time.


That’s what I’ve been doing with my nights once Daphne’s asleep and Jen is readying herself for bed.  Although over the past couple weeks I’ve had a beer or two while playing, and this week I’ve abstained from doing so.

This is mostly because I have a doctor’s appointment/lipid panel looming on the horizon later this month, and I’ve not been very diligent in my paleosity.  As a result, I’m up about 10 lbs. from where I was last year.  Although in my defense I did have a child in April.

And that can wreck a man’s body.


So Overwatch.  I feel like we’re getting incrementally better as a team, although we had a serious ringer playing with us for a while this week, which was nice.  In fact, he just made a highlight video where a familiar name will show up a few times near the end…

Yes, I currently play as just “Jeremiah” on that account.

Was nice to have a tank wrecking shop like that for a little while.  (Our tanks are good too, they’re just not that good.)

Okay, I’m off.  See you kids on Monday.


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