Monkey Grooming

Hey there.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

We had a couple inches of snow fall in Houston last week, and I’m incredibly proud of this city for not freaking out about it and responding by closing all the things. Everyone just seemed to be happy to play in it for a while, which is absolutely the correct response to the first snow of the season, no matter your age.

And our little family responded by going for a walk in the morning…

and then doing our Friday evening ritual at Braman Brewery with some friends.

I have since trimmed that burly, grey beard. And, looking at it now…I kinda miss it.

A perfect snow day.

This week has been relatively uneventful. Well, in a “there are just 5 days before they throw me out of the office where I’ve been working for 15 years” kind of way. I’m still putting my resume out there and looking for a new job…we’ll see.

I did, however, take a call while we were at the brewery last Friday. I saw an 801 area code pop up on my phone and wondered “who the hell is calling me from Salt Lake City?”
So I answered…
And it was a hospital recruiter doing a follow-up to a resume I’d submitted with them, and “would you have time to answer a few quick questions?”

There was no way I could escape at that point so, despite being a couple beers in and having skipped lunch, I did an impromptu interview on the spot…and utterly bombed it.
At one point I even said as much to the guy, after I’d made a wild guess as to the difference between QA and UAT testing. (Turns out, I did answer correctly…I just wasn’t confident in my answer.)

Also what kind of company asks a question like, “how is data created, transmitted and curated?” in an interview? Could you be any more vague?

Probably not meant to be.
Moving on.

Daph has had a good week so far, and she and grandma spent yesterday playing at Rock the Spectrum.

Seriously…her legs are getting long!

Also, she’s recently begun the endearing habit of trying to wipe off my stubble (at least I think that’s what she’s doing?), which has the unintended effect of looking like she’s grooming me like a little monkey.


Okay, see you soon.


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