Things are going along. There’s been cause for hope here and there recently, and signs of changes on the horizon, but nothing worth reporting on just yet.

Instead, let’s go back a bit, to a week or so ago when Jen had to take off for the evening due to a familial issue. So began zee BumbleNacht!

Meaning I ordered a pizza for me, some spaghetti w/ meatballs for Daph, and we stayed home and Netflixed some Zootopia.

I love her “oh hi, why don’t you join us?” look.

Last Saturday was Dickens on the Strand, which is like an annual climatological crapshoot. Will the first weekend in December be cool enough for it to actually feel like a Dickensian Christmas wonderland?
Or will it be 80°, and the streets lined with people sweating Buckets in their woolen Victorian costumes? (Sorry. Dickens pun.)

Unfortunately, it was the latter this year…

And so we didn’t stay too long. Instead, we headed back home to trim our Christmas tree and humiliate Jib for a bit.

Poor puppy…

Although I’m happy to report that this morning the first real tramontane blew in while we were all on our walk, and the temperature has since dropped to an acceptable Decemberish level. (For Texas, anyway.)

Winter is coming…sorta.

Now if I can just keep myself from becoming sick, which seems to always accompany these swift changes in temperature, I might actually be able to enjoy this weather a bit.

Okay, I’m heading outside.


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