Millions of Peaches

Hi there.

So it would seem that the recent Sunday Night Grouchiness stems not from the weekend’s jumbling of our normal schedule, but from adding new and exciting fruits to our daughter’s diet.

I say this because Daphne was six ways of surly last night (and supremely gassy as well), so much so that Jen had to once again co-sleep with her…all while the little one’s digestive system was bursting with fruit flavor.

And the only thing that differed from previous nights was that we mixed a peach purée into her gruel.

pleasesirmore“Mr. Bumble?  I’d like some more…”

Interestingly, the same thing happened a couple weeks ago, when we introduced bananas into the nightly rice cereal Physical Challenge.

bananphysicalchallPrepped and ready for feeding.

And so I am no longer going to add anything new to Daphne’s diet.


She’ll be on Similac and rice cereal until she’s able to drive to Whole Foods and pick out her own food.


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