May the Fourth & Doctors

Yes.  May the 4th be with you.


So that Cape Cottage thing I mentioned yesterday?  Here you go:


playcottage2Yes, it’s decorated with Sesame Street foam flooring and her Elmo chair.

We’re happy with it and, more importantly, Daphne seems to like it too.  Apparently she was crawling in and out of it quite a bit yesterday while I was at work.

Today was also Daphne’s one year doctor visit, and from the initial reports I’ve received it sounds like it extraordinarily well.  She’s maglev training down the development milestone track, and is in the 96th percentile in length, 60th for weight, and exactly 50th in head circumference.  (Fortunately my daughter did not inherit the oversized melon that runs rampant on my side of the family.)

Honestly, these appointments still make me a little nervous.  Which I think is a residual effect from some of our early doctor visits.

Anyway, we’ve a happy and healthy little girl.   And for that, I’m extremely grateful.

See you tomorrow.


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