Housing Project

So once I got home from work yesterday, I headed upstairs to put together Daphne’s last unbuilt birthday present, the Cape Cottage Playhouse.

tancapehouseTiny American flag totally not included.

And, for other prospective parent assemblers out there, the whole thing snapped together quite easily.  Weaving the two halves of the roof into place did cause a modicum of frustration, but once it popped home the rest of the build was a cakewalk.

That is, right up until the decals.

See those thin blue “windows” on either side of the front door?  Those are stickers.  And they’re awful.
Not only are they impossible to apply without leaving bubbles, once they’ve been placed gently on the plastic cottage they fuse instantly as if they’d been flash welded.
So trying to maneuver them so they’re not crooked is an exercise in rampaging futility.

(Yes, I accidentally tore one of them when trying to ensure it was on evenly.  That stickerless side faces the wall now.)

And with that built, Daphne is just about out of space in her little playroom.

Which means she’ll start annexing Dad’s computer area next.



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