Just Ask the StoryBots

Hey there.

So it seems Little Baby Bum has finally met its match, and is slowly being replaced by the StoryBots. (And there was much rejoicing.)

In essence, StoryBots are little automations that live inside computers and do nothing but help answer questions for inquisitive kids. Things like “Why does night happen?” and “Where do french fries come from?” are standard fare.

The best part about this is that Jen and I have become fans of StoryBots too; the songs are catchy, and the dialogue and animations are often quite clever.

Strangely enough, we actually heard about StoryBots at a “Gamer Parenting Strategy Guide” panel back at the Pregnancy PAX. (I even wrote about it HERE.) After which, Jen and I both forgot about it completely for over 3 years…until last week, when we happened to catch them on Netflix.

Turns out the show was nominated for six Emmys. Who knew?

Anyway, if you have small kids, definitely check out StoryBots. There’s a ton of content on their site, and they even have an app.

Here’s the link to Apple’s App Store

In other news, we’ve been trying to expand Daphne’s gastronomic palate a bit. These past few weeks we’ve successfully added things like nectarines, peanut butter on toast, tortilla chips, and bananas to her diet.

I had had zero success, however, with my attempt to get her to try “hamburoni,” which is an old family recipe.

“Hambi-what? Sure, I’ll try it…”

“Um…on second thought, I’m not really hungry.”

“No. No thank you. Really.”

“Didn’t get the hint, Dad? Fine. Get that hideous gruel away from me before I throw up in it. Not that anyone would notice.”

We’ll work on it.

See you guys next week.


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