In Dependents

Hey there.

So I realize it’s been a while, but honestly there hasn’t been a whole lot new to divulge.

Daph is still doing her swim classes…

She’s getting really good at floating on her back.

and she still has her speech therapy on Mondays and Thursdays which, I’m happy to say, have improved.
I think we’ve all noticed a few more words and/or repetition of sounds from her lately, albeit randomly, which is a wonderful and disorienting shock each time it occurs.
Whether that’s attributable to the lessons or not is up for debate, but they certainly aren’t hurting.

Yesterday was Independence Day, and we had a good part of the family over to grill hot dogs and corn on the cob. The weather, however, had other plans…

This city… Seriously…

And so we boiled the dogs and corn on the stove instead. Regardless, it’s always nice to have family in one place for a while.

Stuck inside on the 4th…

Later, after Daph went to bed, Jen and I eschewed my semi-traditional Independence Day viewing and reading of the Declaration of Independence, and replaced them with a late-night showing of Jaws, which is a vastly superior holiday film on all counts. (Although the editing of that movie is really, really bad…)

And now we have the rest of the week, sans swimming/speech, in which we must come up with clever ways to entertain our daughter while trying to stay cool. We still have another 3 months of 90-100° heat coming, so we’ll be A/C hopping until Octoberish.

I don’t know how long Jen will be able to keep up those monkey sounds..

Okay, see you guys soon.


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