Juke Walk Hero

You might remember my rant a while back about the local Nissan dealership…

If not, you can find it HERE.

As I mentioned in that post, they offered me a free oil change on my next visit, which was an effort to ameliorate my fury at their overall windshield wiper ineptitude.  That free visit was today.   And I’m pleased to report that, with the exception of it taking them 3 hours to change my oil, everything went fine.

jukeisdonestockZero defects.

I, however, spent those 3 hours walking in circles around The Dirt Mall, then decided to dust off the sartorial cobwebs some professional shopping for my wife.  (And, if you’re reading this before I get home, I bought you a selection of fall stuff, babe.  Surprise!)

There aren’t many perks that come with being married to me, but my vestiary prowess does qualify as one.  You will recall that I do have a BS degree in fashion…

img_6252-1How else could I piece together such haute ensembles.

It’s a skill that I don’t practice very often anymore, but it’s fun when I do get the chance.

I actually started to do a little shopping for Daphne as well, but I ran smack dab into a pair of skinny jeans that were actually in her size at Ralph Lauren.  As I held them, visions of the many disagreements we’ll have over her wardrobe struck me right in the solar plexus.  I slowly put the tiny jeans down and breezed right out of the toddler section.

We’ll be sticking to rompers for as long as possible, thank you very much.


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