Jibbus Cribbus

“Dad says I’m not allowed to nap in there.”

As you can see, the new crib has arrived (thanks Dad & Cary!), and has been constructed in Daphne’s room by two generations of Shaw men.  We utilized our ingenuity, our manly brawn, and the provided selection of dainty allen wrenches to construct this superstructure of slumber, this tower of torpor, this ziggurat of ZZZs.  Rawr.

Now I just need to set about getting the hard-to-find pieces to convert the crib into a real bed.  Yes, it seems our crib is from Cybertron (our bassinet is from Venus), and will eventually be capable of transforming into a twin bed for Daphne.

soundwavekidsLaserbeak is unamused.

Unfortunately, it’s not available in any Babies-R-Us within 100 miles of Houston.  It is, however, in-stock in several stores in Utah.  Which may necessitate some interesting shipping finagling from one of my Ute-Peeps, depending on how much the pieces weigh.

It also occurs to me that we’re grinding away at getting this nursery set up, despite the fact that Daphne won’t actually be in there for months; she’ll be in the bedroom with us.  (And I’m certainly not trudging up and down those stairs all night…)  Ah well.  Maybe it’s just the concept of the thing?  Of having “her space” created within our house.
And we’re certainly going to need somewhere to put all of her stuff which, if it continues to amass at its current rate, will engulf the house and force me to move into the backyard within the next 12 months.


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  1. Just you wait. Little girls have *lots* and *lots* of stuff. 😉

    • Unless they’re tomboys. Then most of that stuff is kept in the garage. 😉

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