Jammies and Scarecrows

Yep, that was a weekend all right.

So Jen actually swapped her Sunday Pure Barre classes for Saturday mor-

whoatimeoutpjsWhoa!  Time out there, Daddy.  What about my new PJs?

Ah yes.  Of course.  The pajamas.  How foolish of me.

It would seem that Daphne has hit yet another growth spurt, as nearly all of her jammies have suddenly become too small.  And of the ones that aren’t too small, 2 are of the long-sleeve Gap variety.  A brand/style which she has, in no uncertain terms, conveyed her distaste for.  (Apparently she doesn’t like the tight sleeves?  She yanks on the fabric at the elbows and wails if we dare to dress her in them.)

And so, armed with a freshly-deposited paycheck, I scoured the mall for short-sleeved pajamas during my lunch break on Friday.  This actually turned out to be more of a challenge than you might expect because, while we’re still cracking the 100°s here in Houston, the rest of the country has moved well into autumn.

In fact, after hitting Target, The Children’s Place, and BabyGap, and coming up empty on all three, I’d given up and was heading through Dillard’s on my way back to my office when it suddenly occurred to me to check out their kid’s section.  And while the PJ selection was every bit as weak as the other stores in the mall, they did have some baby workout/yoga pants.

And so, after some serious internal debate, I resigned myself to a reality in which my daughter owns yoga pants.


It would seem that Dad’s degree was hard at work again, because these things worked perfectly for sleep attire.


And there you go.  New PJs.

Now, as I was saying prior to the all-important jammy discussion, Jen swapped out her Sunday class for a Saturday morning one, so BumbleDay was moved forward 24 hours this weekend.  That said, Daphne and I pretty much just stuck around the house.  Partly because poor Daph is suffering from seasonal allergies and is really stuffed up, and partly because we were planning on attending the Scarecrow Festival in our neighborhood later that afternoon so I wanted to ensure a proper naptime.

I actually think the stuffiness is messing with Daphne’s fledgling equilibrium too.  She took a really bad fall while Jen was teaching class on Saturday morning.  She tripped over a shoe on the living room floor and fell, face first, onto the rug.

She started screaming before she ever rolled over, so I knew it was going to be bad.

I picked her up and turned her around, not knowing what I was going to find when I did so.  Her nose was fine.  No marks on her face.  And her mouth wa- oh…

There was a small amount of blood (there is no such thing as “a small amount of blood” when it’s your kid), on her upper lip and on her teeth.  So I held her close until she stopped crying, then gave her some ice water in a bottle in the hopes it would keep the swelling down.

And after a few minutes she was fine and speeding around the house again.
Tough kid.

Okay, Scarecrow Fest.


There’s actually not a whole lot I can say about the Scarecrow Fest, because we didn’t really walk around it much.  We just caught up with some friends there and had a beer while chatting in the shade of a giant inflatable pumpkin.  (It’s 100° out, remember?)

Daphne, however, was on the go.

daphscarecrowfest1602Serious switch from yoga pants to a romper.

daphscarecrowfest1601You know.  She’s really too old for these…  How the hell did that happen?

She also kept trying to get into the Houston Disc Dogs fenced area while they were putting on their performance.

scarecrowfestdog1 scarecrowfestdog2
No place for babies.

It was a good time, though.

Sunday was very quiet.  We all stayed around the house most of the day and attempted to rest in preparation for the upcoming week.

Which is where we are now, so I’m going to get back to it.

See you tomorrow.


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