Holiday Scheduling

I know, it’s almost 6 and no posty, posty.  Sorry.

The holidays are here though, and so there’s a bit more stress on my schedule than usual.  Today, for example, was our annual office Christmas luncheon at Pappasito’s , after which I had a bit of gift shopping to do, and I’ve only just now gotten home and had a free moment to write.

And speaking of shopping, apparently people seriously dig them some bow ties these days.

bowtiexmasBalding, 40-something, big & tall catalogs, here I come.

I’m not sure if they were being genuine, or just trying to do some last minute sucking up to Santa, but I had more folks than I can count comment on how much they liked my bow tie and/or look.  At one particular store, the sales girls told me I looked like a writer, asked if I had a PhD, and informed me that I should be wearing bow ties every day.

Sorta on 1.
Definitely not on 2.
Highly unlikely on 3.

Random strangers felt the need to stop and comment on it.  It’s always nice to wear something that makes people smile.  I’m a big fan of that kinda thing.

suitnightaquaA much younger version of the BumbleDad

Anyway, nearly everyone has their Xmas shopping finished now.  Jen and I have one more run through Babies-R-Us to do for Daphne’s big stuff, but otherwise I’m done.

daphtoysgrampsNot that this little girl is in need of more toys…

Okay, see you tomorrow.


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