So the 2015 Christmas décor is officially done.

Putting the lights and ornaments on the tree was the final step, and we finished that over coffee on Saturday morning.

Nice job.  Now you rest and we’ll keep watch for the fat man.

I even handled quite a bit of the gift wrapping on Saturday night, partly because I had some extra time but mostly because there are few things sadder than a Christmas tree with no presents under it.  Which brings me neatly to this:

 firstgifttagDon’t dis on my handwriting…

That’s it.  That’s the very first gift tag I’ve ever written that says it’s, “from Dad.”  I’ve written many that were to Dad, but never from.

It actually gave me pause for a moment after I finished it.   I sat there in the dark at our dining room table, looking down at that silly little thing, and felt my whole world shift a little more.

Which made me smile.

Anyway, the rest of the weekend was fine.  It was a particularly easy BumbleDay on Sunday morning (that or I’m just getting used to it), after which it was time for a beer & grilled cheese at Whole Foods.
It had been a couple weeks since we’d gone on a Sunday afternoon (we went on Saturday the week before, and I caught the Vanilla Cream plague last Sunday), so it was really nice to be back.  Went with the Old Rasputin this week, which seems to be a staple on their beer menu.
It was fine.  A bit less festive than I was hoping for, but maybe next week.

And Daphne was as well-behaved as she always is.  In fact, she took that time to work on her yoga:

wholefoodsyogaBumbo Lotus pose.

Okay, see you tomorrow.


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