I know I promised flower girl photos…

And I’m pretty sure they exist, somewhere.
I hope.

Sadly, I was a little busy before the wedding, and I stashed my phone during the ceremony so as not to ruin the line of my suit.  Thus, I didn’t get any pictures of her. That and Daphne was, to put it mildly, being uncooperative in her role.  As a matter of fact, we ended up having to skip the whole “walk down the aisle” thing as she was having a full-on screaming/kicking meltdown.

This meltdown carried over into much of the reception, and so we ended up just bailing and taking her home early.  Now in her defense, she had been there for over 4 hours…  Which is a long time to spend at a wedding venue for a little girl that’s not quite 2 yet.

So it goes with toddlers…

We did have a fantastic brunch at Hotel Granduca with the bride, groom and wedding party this morning, though.

Daphne was super happy to be there, and she zoomed around their lobby and hallways like she owned the place.

I also need to give a quick shout out to the staff at Hotel Granduca for being so accommodating, and providing us with a room to change Daphne’s diaper in.  (Granted, we had to do so because there were no changing tables in their bathrooms…but still, that was very nice of them.)

As the pictures start coming in I’ll be sure to share them.  But right now I need to start getting caught up.

See you tomorrow.


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