Dia de la Mamá


So our Mother’s Day Weekend was quite laid back, which is perfect since that’s just the way we like them.

Jen took a little “Mommy time” on Friday afternoon and went out for a facial while I stayed home with Daphne.  And, like we do, we rather easily found ways to amuse one another.

This is what happens when Dad doesn’t have enough to do.

On Saturday we mostly just hung around the house.  I rolled up the gnarled, ratty old rug that we had in our living room and replaced it with the infinitely nicer one that my mom donated to us last weekend.

newrugwithbugThe caterpillar and monkey have already made themselves at home.

Then I built a Sesame Street bookshelf for the playroom, and a pink “princess” car that Daphne’s Uncle T. sent down from New York for her birthday.  Neither of these were as easy to assemble as they looked.

Sunday the little girl and I ventured out to see my mom for Mother’s Day proper, where Daphne had her very first Fountain View Cafe brunch, complete with eggs, bacon, fruit and a croissant.

Ah yes, I forgot to mention this.
Last week’s trip to the doctor ushered in a new era.
The era of Real People Food.

As such, we’re to immediately take her off the Similac/artificially-flavored baby pastes, and move to a diet of real milk and solid(ish) foods. Like pastas, eggs, cheeses, soft fruits, small pieces of chicken, etc.

And I’ll tell you guys this…

It was a helluva lot easier to just prepare bottles.


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