Dentata Sonata

Did I say my daughter was sleeping through the night?  Was that me?

Well apparently that was just a one-time thing, and she didn’t enjoy it.

Because now she’s decided that her bassinet mattress is composed of hot coals, steel wool and/or broken glass, and wails every time we lie her down in it.  Nay, the only possible way that sleep can be attained is by nestling comfortably in her mother’s arms all night.

bedofnailsThe Tempuncturepedic toddler model.

I’m sure this is quite nice for Daphne, but it’s rather rough on Mom, who probably got an elapsed 120 minutes of sleep last night.  And Dad, who sleeps horribly most nights anyway, probably got a couple more hours.

Although we’re starting to believe that this may have little to do with her mattress, and everything to do with her mouth.  Meaning, we think she might have started teething, God help us.

The signs are: she’s drooling like crazy; jamming her fingers way back into her mouth; grabbing her ears; and rubbing her face in frustration.  That and anything within arm’s reach that dares to hold still long enough gets gnawed on like she’s GodzillaBaby.

godzillababyA linen work shirt?  Looks…delectable.

Although honestly it’s hard to be upset about this, because I can’t imagine how much it hurts to have your teeth pushing through your gums for the very first time.  It’s probably a good thing that none of us remember it.

Fortunately, we happened to have a fantastic visit with Auntie Am on Saturday who (rather presciently), brought along a gift of one Miss Sophie the Giraffe.

sophiegiraffe“Do your worst, child.  I am unafraid.”

She’s been sporadically chewing on poor Sophie’s antlers for the past 2 days, and in the interim we’re stashing Sophie in the fridge to help numb/sooth her erupting gumline.

I have no idea how long this whole teething thing lasts, but hopefully they sprout quickly so we can all go back to getting some sleep.


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