Baby’s First Yardstick

There’s an interesting thing that happens on social media these days, and it’s something that I wish I were immune to.

I’m talking about digital baby judgment.

It’s remarkably hard to look at photos of what other parents are doing to/with their babies and not scoff, criticize or condemn them.  I am, admittedly (and ashamedly), quite guilty of this.

I mean, I don’t actually comment on their too-early adoption of the Bumbo, or how brutal it is that they pierced the ears of their 2-month-old, or glower at them for bringing a newborn to the viral swap meet Dirt Mall, or *shudder* dressing their children in Osh-Kosh…

oshkoshNot even once.


But I do silently judge them, and my poor wife has to listen to me eviscerate random people on the Internet for their clearly sub-optimal parenting choices.  I don’t like that I do this.  So I’m going to try to work on this recently arisen shortcoming of mine.


That said, stop with the Osh’Kosh, people.  Seriously.
The cycle can end with you.


2 Comments on “Baby’s First Yardstick

  1. Really???? !!!! I was just looking at the cutest pair of little pink overalls with flowers and a snap crotch!!! Adorable!!!!!! Just kidding :). I know the rules! Sorry to have scarred you and condemned you to a life of bgosh hating! Go easy on me and other parents…. For the most part everyone is doing the best they can! Just like you!

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