Daphne Eve


No time for love, Dr. Jones.  This one will have to be short.

Our fridge is still on the fritz and the repairman who came by this morning said he couldn’t do anything (ice buildup is a thing, apparently), until we’d had it unplugged for at least 48 hours.   I explained that I’ve no idea where I’ll be 48 hours from now, but scheduled it anyway since a fully-functioning refrigerator seems like one of those important things for a household to have.  I might have to tap someone to fridge-sit for us if we’re at the hospital.

Don’t laugh; it could be you!


So far, everything is going as planned.  And Jen is feeling fine, fine, fine…

I’ll endeavor to post a bit from my phone app while we’re passing time at the hospital, but obviously I can’t make any promises.

See you on the familial flipside.


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