Conditioned Response Team

Things have been pretty quiet of late.

Jen is wrapping up her school year and mentally preparing for a summer with Daphne, work has been relatively steady for me, and Daphne is still humming along happily in the comfort of her normal routine.

That said, she did awaken a few times last night and whine/mutter to herself.  Each time she did so my eyes would shoot open and I began the Parental Jedi Mind Trick of willing her back to sleep via the baby monitor.

And last night it totally worked.

awakenincrib1“You know that doesn’t really work, right?”

It reminded me, though, of how tenuous this whole sleeping situation can be.  I hear so many horror stories of babies and toddlers that refuse to go to sleep, and of parents who are subsisting on 2-3 hours of rest per night, and I’m incredibly thankful that I have a child who falls asleep at around 9pm every night, and sleeps straight through until 7:30 most nights.

Of course, now that I’ve said this I’ve totally jinxed it and she’ll suffer her first bout of baby insomnia tonight…


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