Summer Arrives


Today marks the end of another school year for Jen, and the beginning of her 3-month summer break.

This will be her first holiday with Daphne the Toddler, as opposed to Daphne the Tiny, Helpless Infant.  And the former sounds much more entertaining to me than the latter.  D.T.H.I. wasn’t really very interactive.

Unless of course you count fluid liberation, and the subsequent clean-up,  as “interactivity.”
In which case she was a barrel o’ Boogie Wipe Funtimes.

I’m told the plan for the summer is lots of pool/splash pad time, a couple days a week of Mother Goose at the local library, and lots of air-conditioned trips around Houston.  (This is Texas, after all.)

ccrsplashpadThis just looks hot to me…


I’m hoping a lunchtime exodus or two to Dad’s office might make the docket, and I’m sure Uncle D. would be thrilled to see Daphne.

As to the “play” part of Freeplay Friday, yes I’m still playing Overwatch every night.  And yes, I’m mostly having fun doing so.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t rage at the game occasionally, last night very much so.

I was solo queuing (meaning none of my friends were playing), and I was constantly being grouped with slavering hordes of foul, mouth-breathing simps, incapable of interacting with their teammates without the inclusion of racist, misogynistic, and/or profanity-laced verbiage…  Or memes.  [Read as: teenage boys on the Internet.]

And what’s worse, we were losing.  Over and over.

I’d switch away from these toxic teams, and then get grouped with even more teenagers just starting their summer break and the process would start anew.

I think I went 2-10 in pick-up games last night, which did a serious number on the halfway decent win/loss ratio that I had going.  For reference, here’s the link to my statistics page:

overwatchprophettrackYes. I play as “Prophet.”  Don’t judge.

But it’s the weekend, and as such the grown-ups should return for the next couple days.  Which does much to restore my faith in humanity.

These kids today…


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