Carving, Painting and Sanding

Woodworkin’ ain’t easy.

I know enough about it to be aware of that fact, which is why I hired people to do it.

Very unprofessional people.

I won’t go into the litany of ridiculousness that has been our attempt to get our doors fixed, suffice to say that I hired Arborwood Construction 7 weeks ago and they’re here for only the second time today. I actually had to threaten to withhold their pay before they showed up to finish the job.

It also means that I have to lock Alex up in an upstairs bedroom while they’re here. Which means he cries and barks up there all day. Which in turn upsets Jib, who sits outside his brother’s door for reassurance.

Daphne was just picked up by her Gramps and taken to their house, so she could escape the drilling, sanding and barking.

And speaking of Gramps, it was his birthday on Monday. So we met up with him, and lots of his friends, at Braman brewery (obviously one of our favorite places) and Jen got to hold Daphne’s new cousin for a little while.

Although it occurs to me now that I’m unsure how comfortable her parents are with online posting of names and info… So for now we’re just going to leave it at a very cute picture of an aunt and her new niece.

Anyway, a good time was had by all. As per usual.

Daph’s school session went great this week. In fact, it was the first time she seemed like she was having fun. Every week is new, but hopefully that bodes well going forward.

“Sure, it was okay. We’re not going there today¬†though, are we?”

Amazing 1970’s hair.

Also quite a few of you have commented on Daphne getting used to me being home with her every day, and have asked if it will be hard on her/me/us when I go back to work and am unable to cook, play, read, take walks, etc. with her in the morning.

Yes. Yes it will.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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