BumbleDadventure – California: Day Five

As Day Five opens, we see our BumbleDad strolling down to the local coffee shop/book store (Bookworks) at 7am, and doing a lot of writing/photo uploading for you guys.

 Just like this, actually. How very meta.

I spent about 2 hours there, then headed back to the little house to pack up my things. Although along the way I bumped into a random falconer on the side of the road…like you do.

Got things packed, locked the house, thanked the AirBnB landlady, and so long Monterrey.
Thanks for all the pics.

It was a relatively short drive to Davis, and you’re looking at pretty much the most scenic part. (Unless you really have a thing for nut trees.) The most interesting facet of the drive was the temperature. When I left Pacific Grove it was 61°. When I arrived in Davis 3 hours later, it was 85°.

Once there I checked into my hotel, which was just down the street from UC: Davis.

Not much by comparison to the place I’d just left…

Which meant kids.
Kids as far as the eye could see.
All of Davis is unmistakably, unequivocally College Town™.

It’s pretty. Just collegiate. Which, if we’re being totally honest, did give me a bit of pause since our plan is to rent in Davis for a bit until we get our feet under us. The prospect of accidentally moving next door to a party house adds a slight wrinkle to things. (Yes, I’m getting old. Get off my lawn.)

Plus the housing market in California… Asinine. But I’m sure you all know that already.  –And I’m getting way ahead of myself here. As of the writing of this post, they haven’t even offered me a job yet.–

So I grabbed a quick bite at a local pub before heading back to the hotel to work on my proofreading project some more and call it an early night.

And that was pretty much the entire day. Slow by design.

Tomorrow…the interview day.


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