BumbleDadventure – California: Day Four

And lo had he rested, and lo had his headache subsided back to the nether realms…

Which did beget a shower, which did beget an entire urn of the holiest of mana, coffee, which in turn did beget a new day.

And with it brought a fresh appreciation for the adorable little house that I was staying in…

Cute stuff.

About Pacific Grove… I honestly couldn’t tell you why I decided to come here. It seemed like a good stopping point between LA and Davis, it was near the ocean, and that little house up there was available on AirBnB. Other than that, I don’t really have a reason I could point to.

It was just a “yep, that’s the place” moment. And it’s been really nice.

The city looks to me like someone took some Wickford Bristle Blocks, and pieces of The Heights Lego Set, mixed them together, and built a new thing.

So after my coffee, the next stop was breakfast. So I hit up the first place I came to, “The Red House Cafe.”

Adorable. This entire town is adorable.

A delicious breakfast sandwich and a bowl of fresh berries later, and I was on my way to explore Pacific Grove. And, me being me, that meant a beeline toward the water.

Um. Okay. Full disclosure.

Just in front of these rocks there was a sign warning people that “Beware! Climbing rocks is dangerous!” Which, as most of you know, is the absolute WRONG thing to ever say to me.

3 minutes later…

What they don’t tell you on the sign is that it’s also fun, and good exercise, and clambering around on them is a reminder that you’re a capable person and that these are just rocks and people have been climbing on them and ones like them for thousands of years…just, you know, don’t be stupid about it.

And do things like cling to the side of them and lean out, just to get a good picture…

And remember that slipping and falling down there would really hurt and probably put a damper on any job interviews you might have in the next 48 hours.

Yes. That’s a cliff I’m standing on the precipice of.
Sorry sweetie…

From here, I walked down Lighthouse St. to the titular site itself…

And wouldn’t you know, it…the lighthouse was closed.

I guess it’s a good thing that no shipwrecks happen on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

From there I headed to the water again, and was rewarded with this little spot:

    (I’m a fan of cairn stones…)

  And, down between the rocks, I saw dozens of these weird little furry squirrel things.

Which were basically wharf rats, but with a luxurious tail accessory.

And after a few hours out here searching for decent seashells for Daph (and coming up empty)…

I decided to head back for an early dinner and to get some proofreading work done.

So I ordered a perfectly mediocre pizza (hey, everything can’t be amazing here I guess…) and got some work done. Then called it a night.

The following morning was checkout of the little house in Pacific Grove, and time for the 3-hour jaunt over to Davis.

But that’s tomorrow’s post… Talk to you then.


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