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This is the first installment of what I’m calling (for now anyway), BABBY HAX.  What follows will be simple routes and/or shortcuts I’ve found to parenting.  The first of which, is this here Baby Brezza:

brezzapodJust beautiful…

This might go down as the greatest purchase I have ever made.

It has, over the past 3 weeks, been single-handedly responsible for about 16 hours of extra sleep.  And that doesn’t even take into account the time it’s saved us in bottle prep work.

The idea is quite simple, and if you’ve ever used a Keurig you’ll know how it works.  (Why Keurig didn’t come out with this first is beyond me; I have to assume there are treacherous patent issues in there somewhere.)  You fill the reservoir on the left with purified water.  Dump an entire box of your powdered formula of choice into the top.  Then set the measuring aperture to the corresponding number to this formula (we use Similac Supplement, so ours is set to “5”), and, boom, you’re ready to go.

The machine heats the water to the perfect temperature and it automatically measures out the correct amount of powder for each bottle, based on the size you select at the top.  (There are 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 oz. settings.)  Hit the “Start” button, and the in 15 seconds your bottle is ready.

I apologize for the portrait-aligned video, but it was actually done on purpose.  You don’t want to see the rest of my counter space right now.

The spigot must be rinsed out every day, and the reservoir and powder tub need to be cleaned out once a month.  Which isn’t too bad considering all the steps that would be involved in the normal daily bottle preparation/refrigeration.

I will grant, however, that it does have more moving parts than I typically like in an appliance.  Specifically the circular “rakes” in the tub that keep the formula powder from clumping.  These have to spin every time you make a bottle, and I’m not entirely confident in their structural integrity.  Although we’ve been using this thing for 3 weeks and it’s had zero defects so far.
There’s also no way of telling if it’s really measuring out the right amount of formula.  You’re just kinda going on faith there.  But Daphne has been growing like crazy over the past couple weeks, and we’ve been using this exclusively for bottles, so the proof is in the puddin’.

Because of this I wholly recommend the Baby Brezza for any new parents that aren’t exclusively breastfeeding.  It cost us about $160 at Babies-R-Us, and honestly I’d pay $160 a month for this kind of service.


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