Roused Into Anger

An interesting post-nap phenomenon has begun to take place, and until now I haven’t been sure of how to fix it.

Each time Daphne takes a late-afternoon nap, she awakes with the burning fury of a thousand suns and screams inconsolably for about 30 minutes.

No amount of soothing, cooing, bouncing, walking, apple juice, cookies, TV or music can calm this toddler tempest, and our only solution has been to plow straight through it while picking up everything within arms reach to see if maybe it might, perhaps, oh-God-please-let-this-be the thing that stops the wailing.

thingsabouttogetrowdy“It’s about to get rowdy in here, Old Man.”

Although I did happen to Bumble my way into a solution yesterday though.

I took her outside.

Suddenly, the crying stopped, a smile crept across her face, and she began to twist herself around while looking down at the grass.  For those not in the know, this is unambiguous Daphne sign for “Let go of me immediately.  I have pressing engagements elsewhere.

And so she toddled around in our backyard while her father slowly liquefied in the Texas July heat.

Turns out this little girl LOVES being outside in the grass…



Clearly she’s not the only one.



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