There have already been 399 of these things?

Good Lord…  Where has the time gone?  And more importantly, what the hell have I been talking about this whole time?

So today, in lieu of my normal meanderings, I’d like to pause for a moment and mark this auspicious occasion by thanking ALL OF YOU who continue to visit us here and who read my nearly coherent daily diatribes about life, fatherhood, the universe and everything.

Thank you.

Every one of you.

I really do notice every comment, every “Like,” every Retweet, every email…all of it.  And you have no idea how much it means to me that you guys take time out of your day to send a thought our way.  It might be “just a Like” on your end, but it’s a very big deal on mine.

And I’m not just talking to my friends and family that come here (all of whom are unquestionably awesome and their support is very much appreciated), but also to those of you that I’ve never even met and who are currently thinking, “huh, well he’s not talking about me.

Yes, I am.  Thank you too.

That being said, I must also admit that I’d write this stuff even if no one ever read it.

I have to write. I can’t stop.

I actually tried to kick the habit a few years ago and it was no good.  I ended up tapping lengthy tirades into my iPhone and stashing little notebooks around the house where I could sneak off and jot a quick fix.
Yes, I’m a word junkie.  I suppose there are worse things.

That said, it’s incredibly validating when I see that somebody out there actually enjoys a thing that I’ve made.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all.

See you tomorrow.




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  1. I love it and look forward to reading it daily!! It helps me feel connected even when I am so far away… Thank you for doing this! Love you!!!

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