Day One

Day One: Complete.

We’ve arrived safely at our hotel in Baton Rouge.

The trip today was pretty uneventful, which is exactly how we’d hoped it would go. Especially considering that, for all my bravado last week, we broke our 3-hour rule straight out of the gate and did a shot from Pearland to Baton Rouge…a 4 hour trek.

But Daphne did exceptionally well, spending the entire time playing with the parade of fidgets, books, and toys that our family was kind enough to ensure the car was stocked with, while I filled up the rest with the barest essentials of life.

Like Cloudspire with all the expansions, a coffee urn, my Birks, and McGnabb the Yard Gnome.

Speaking of the car, it did fantastically well today too. (Despite riding low from all the above detritus being jammed into its trunk/backseat.) Naturally the gas mileage took a slight hit from the extra weight but, hey, an extra gallon of gas or two could never get between a man and his gnomish life partner.

We traversed the strange and unsettling “Freeway on Stilts” that spans the Atchafalaya Basin, and avoided being attacked by alligators, swamp people, and/or the denizens of Vidor, TX, all to arrive safely in Baton Rouge.

Shortly after checking in we Door Dashed some dinner from Red Robin (at which Daphne promptly turned up her nose and demanded microwaved popcorn instead), and we are now all lying in bed together, generally decompressing from today’s car trip.

One of us has a mouthful of microwaved popcorn and the other just looks like he’s been microwaved.

Entertaining parental post-script to the above picture? A good percentage of that popcorn in her mouth somehow escaped and ended up as a kernel-y paste that has since been mashed into the sheets. So now the hotel room smells like a dollar movie theater and we’ve got 20-grit, exfoliating bed linens.

Tomorrow the plan is to take a morning dip in the pool and then bug out of here after a quick chlorine rinse off. We’ve already marked out our first “midpoint” rest stop, and I’ll do my best to get more pictures. (A difficult feat to accomplish while driving.)

See you then.

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