Day Three

Third one done.

And pay no attention to the map above, we actually did decide to take the faster route that’s at the bottom of the image and run through Atlanta. Although “run” is not a verb I’d use for what happened there. “Crawl at a maddening pace (at 2pm on a Tuesday) while sociopathic drivers gleefully cut each other off at every opportunity” is more appropriate to our experience on the ATL freeways this afternoon.

But once again I’m getting ahead of myself. Set the Wayback Machine to Gadsden, Alabama, earlier today.

Daphne woke up at about 4:45 am for the second day in a row, and proceeded to take what is fast becoming her usual morning routine: stompy laps around the hotel room. Now, conventional wisdom would suggest that we all just get up and start our day with her, since we were all already awake…
But, I mean, tired.
So when Daph did eventually crawl back into bed and fall asleep at about 7am, we followed suit and ended up sleeping in until almost 9. Which put us quite a bit behind at the outset of the day.

But we made pretty decent time, and there was infinitely better scenery today.

I think this is Lake Hartwell? It’s just over the border in South Carolina.

Eventually we hit the mountain road that I mentioned yesterday, which is an always entertaining drive. Here, why don’t you ride along with us for a couple minutes?

Yes, that’s Daphne’s toy “Scout” singing in the back seat… Yes, it does that for hours. Yes, I’m tired of hearing “Twinkle Twinkle.” No, I’m not going to take it from her.

We eventually made it up the hill to Brevard to see our family here, and almost instantly whisked Daph off to Franklin Park for a serious bout of swinging and playing…a treat she’d absolutely earned for being so wonderful in the car again today.

Alas, Daph’s poor little bowels gave up the good fight after we’d been here for about an hour, and she hid behind the mural of Mount Poopsuvius there and did her thing, which signaled time for an exit and an uncomfortable walk back home.

We got her cleaned up and were then treated to some fantastic homemade fried chicken and potato salad for dinner (much better than Pearl’s in my estimation…) along with slices of chocolate cake. All of which was a more than welcome respite from previous days of DoorDashing and/or car snacking.

Now it’s gotten late, and we’re all lying right here in this bed together…

Daphne is snoring softly, Jen is catching up on her Instagram feed, and I’m about ready to call it a night and see if we can’t actually manage an earlier start tomorrow so we can spend some more time with our family before we have to head out again.

Speaking of which, tomorrow’s leg is a 7-hour one that will see us heading all the way up to Winchester in northern Virginia, so it’d probably be a good idea to get some rest now.

See you up there tomorrow.

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