In the way of updating, Daphne’s first session with her speech language pathologist was yesterday.

And I suppose it went well. (I was at work, so I missed it.)

It sounds like we’ve already been doing a lot of what we’re supposed to in order to encourage her to speak. She’s just…not.

So now we’re holding things up to our mouths and enunciating clearly what they are before we hand them to her.


We’re also starting to enforce a more cooperative play scheme. Whereas before she’d happily amuse herself, we’re now intervening a bit more and taking turns with whatever she’s playing with.

Not gonna lie. When it’s my turn? I look amazing on this tricycle.

It’s a long road ahead, but at least we’ve been given a map for the next few milestones.


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  1. Hang in there- parenting as a whole is a process and usually there isn’t a map!😊 You guys are doing magnificent!!!! ❤

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