Children’s Museum

Meanwhile, on Bumbleday…

I’m bored, Daddy…

BumbleDad:  You’re absolutely right, kiddo. We’ve been in the house for way too many Sundays in a row. Let’s get out of here and go…to…um, the museum?

Museum? I probably won’t like it, but okay.


Hmmph.  Doesn’t look like fun.

What’s this?

Wait, these light up?

Okay, that’s a little awesome.

“Night fever..night feverrrr”

These things are slipperier than they look…

Are they coated with something?

BD: “Oh God, Daphne…don’t put your mouth on that.  It’s dirty.”

Is it? I’m going to need some hand sanitizer, then.

Nevermind, I’ll just wash ’em in these bubbles.

There.  All better. Let’s go.

Um, I’m way too big for this, Daddy.

What’s with the pipes?

Oh hey!  I should’ve come down here to wash my hands.

Okay, that was a little bit fun.  We can come back again…if you really want to.


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