So these have not been the easiest of days with Daphne.  She has, of late, taken to wailing at the top of her little lungs at the drop of a hat.


Need a diaper change?

Dressing her in the morning?

Finished dinner?

daphcutewave1Celebratory victory wave after utterly exhausting the DadMonster.

We think she’s started teething again.  Or we’re hoping that’s the culprit anyway, and that this nonsense isn’t the new normal.

It’s odd though.

Yesterday morning she actually backed away from me when I went upstairs to get her, and gave a wide-eyed scream while gripping the slats of her crib when I reached in to lift her up.  The girl seriously acted like she was terrified of me.  (That or I’m overly sensitive to that kind of thing.)

Hopefully this passes soon and she’ll go back to her happy little self.

Because this kinda sucks.


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  1. She is just showing her preferences. She may have wanted mom or grandma. They may be more attentive to her needs and wishes. Not saying that you aren’t but women are caterers and give before it’s asked for. No worries.

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