A busy weekend just rocketed by.  It was a good one though.

Saturday we ventured into The Loop to catch up with some friends for a graduation party.  And Daphne, aside from being a bit uppity upon our arrival, was extraordinarily well-behaved throughout the visit.

This was actually the first time I’ve attended a party with a child in tow and I gotta say, having a kid with you adds a strange and interesting new challenge to being at an event.  It’s like a tiny responsibility vortex that floats around the room trying to destroy things and/or harm itself, all while you’re trying to catch up with friends that you haven’t seen since you spawned the aforementioned little vortex.

It was a fun couple hours though.

On BumbleDay Jen left to teach her class in the morning, and she had a baby shower to attend afterward, so it was just D and me all day.  Although my mom did stop by and drop off some breakfast on her way to a meeting in Galveston, which was very much appreciated.

So Daphne and I did what I’ve always done when gifted with a day that’s a blank canvas.
We left the house and got into adventures, making stuff up as we went.

First we drove to Clear Lake and wandered around the marina where I kept Eidolon.  Actually, part of the reason we chose that marina was because of how kid-friendly it was, with grassy areas, pools and of course, swingsets.




Then, after a stroll around the dock where we repeated some variant of the word, “boat” over and over,  we reluctantly got back in the car and headed down the road to Kemah.

Upon our arrival there was a minor disagreement over whether or not a diaper would be changed in the back of The Juke, but Dad won that little fight.  And afterward we resolved our differences over a Cheerios and applesauce picnic while still sitting in the trunk.

So, all snacked up and happy again, we headed down to the boardwalk.

boardwalkridepicThe sun decided to come out just as we left the car.

We weren’t too happy about being around the noisy rides (she is my daughter after all), but we were definitely enthralled with looking out at the bay for the first time…



Someday, little girl…  Someday you and I will head out on the water together.  And your Dad will teach you how to ride the wind.

I promise.


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