Mood Quakes

Hi there.


Our weekend was good, thanks for asking.  Jen did her Pure Barre stuff on Sunday, so Daphne and I watched the Texans somehow suck their way into not losing.  Seriously.  That’s a painful football team to watch.

Fortunately I’m often distracted while the game is on, so I can’t fully focus on just how bad they are.

Yes, I know it’s shot vertically.  YOU try holding a wiggly infant for 2 minutes with your phone landscaped…

As you might be able to see there, Daphne has taken to her veggies quite well.  Jen has been giving her squash and sweet potatoes in the early evenings and while she eats the majority of it, a good percentage makes its way onto her onesie.  (And on her cheeks, and hands, and ears, and hair…)

Speaking of Daphne, I haven’t quite finished Christmas shopping for her.  Jen and I are planning on hitting up the Babies-R-Us tomorrow afternoon.  I actually attempted to brave Memorial City Mall during my lunch break today to wrap it up (I PUN!), but it was simply too much of a madhouse.

And the coughing…
My God, the coughing!

sneezegermsThe horror…

I know it’s (mostly) in my head, but something about the holidays makes me even more germophobic than I usually am.  (Normally I’d rank somewhere between Howard Hughes and Nikola Tesla.)  This is partly due to way too many people being way too close to me, but mostly because I was brutally sick a few Christmases back.  I actually got as far as the car on that Christmas morning, and was just about to drive to my dad’s place.  Then, I suddenly had to rush back into the house and into the bathroom and, by the time I came out, Christmas was over.
I don’t ever want to go through that again, and certainly not for Daph’s first Christmas.

So, you sickos.  Stay the hell away from me.


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