Daphne has had speech/development therapy every day this week because they’re trying to fit in the required sessions before Thanksgiving break.

And this morning, when her teacher arrived, she was over it.

Fortunately my BumbleSense alerted me that this was about to happen, so, just before the teacher arrived, we did some light mood reading. We cracked open one of her long-time favorites, “I Love My Bunny.”

“I love this story, Daddy!”

This is her sign for “more!

And then, her teacher arrived…

“Hey, who’s that?”

“Oh. It’s you. Again.”

Obviously she had to warm up to getting some work done, but after a quick crying jag she was identifying animals, pointing at Old Mac Donald’s eyes/hat/feet, and pushing the lot of them around in a tractor like a champ. So by the time I had to leave for work, it had been a pretty good session.

It didn’t stop us from sneaking in a little cuddle time here and there, though…

In other news, we’ve been trying to work our way through Stranger Things 2 on Netflix and it’s been…  “Disappointment” is too strong a word.
It’s been fine.

Just fine.

It feels a bit like watching weak episodes of Mad Men, where they hid the lack of plot substance behind a bunch of time period kitsch.

That said, It didn’t stop me from having several beers and playing around with the Stranger Things Facebook filters at No Label last Friday…

Old Things

Okay, see you next week.


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