The New Sitter

Meet GLaDOS, our new baby monitor:

gladosOh, it’s you.  It’s been a long time…

This thing, while impressive in function, is slightly terrifying.  It has a normal and an infrared camera, remote-controlled full range of motion, sound/movement alerts via text, a microphone and speakers so I can both hear and talk to Daphne, an app that allows me to view her on my cell phone, and it even plays smooth jazz lullabies at the push of a button.

The problem is that it may or may not eventually flood our infant enrichment center with a deadly neurotoxin.


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  1. I’m a terrible person! I couldn’t resist messing with Alex by calling his name thru the camera just now (while @ PB studio). He jerked his head up, stared at it, then proceeded to hide.

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