Doesn’t seem possible that it’s been a month since we moved in here, but it’s true!

Although, when I think back to the pulpy blob that was threatening to engulf our house a month ago…

Here it is attempting to swallow the Subaru.

…versus what it looked like after the dumpster was hauled off…

No pulp blob here!

it does feel like it was that long ago.

To celebrate, we had an outdoor dinner, just as we did the very first night we stayed here.

Albeit instead of Subway, this time we had Fenway Franks, carrots and Ruffles. And Saturday was an absolutely perfect day for it too. 71° and sunny.

I really love her, “Okay Dad, that’s, um, getting kinda weird” face at the end of that video.

And, speaking of time marching on, another important milestone was passed last week:

“Yeah? You should see the other guy.”

Yep. The girl lost her first tooth.

And I’ll tell you, that’s a really weird moment for a parent.

I mean, it’s a thing that’s supposed to happen, of course. But still…your kid has a gap in their mouth where an incisor is supposed to be. The natural inclination is to rush over there and go, “Gah! What the hell happened?!?”
I’m pretty sure her mother wouldn’t find my jokes about Daphne’s future as a cage-fighting hockey player amusing, either.

And you’ll undoubtedly be less unsettled than I was about it to know that a creepy little enamel-obsessed sprite somehow flitted through our skylight in the middle of the night and surreptitiously swapped Daph’s tooth for legal tender.

Jen took her down to the local dollar store to spend the newly acquired gap funding (yuk yuk) where Daph got to pick out her own toy.

Yeah, a trippy little rubber fractalball seems like a solid trade for a resource that’ll just grow back.

And that’s about all that’s gone down here this week.

See you next time.

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