Staccato Siestas

Daphne has taken to sleeping fitfully this week, and Jen’s rest time has suffered mightily as a result.

Our best guess is that she’s not quite getting enough to eat via breastfeeding, however the act itself has a soothing, soporific effect and she falls asleep without the necessary post-boob, Similac digestif.

timeformilkIs 4:30; time for milking!

Some creative rearrangement of our mealtimes might be on the menu soon, as my poor wife loses her sense of humor with the entire process at about 4am, and rightfully so.  Unfortunately her sleeping husband can do little but offer to make unnecessary bottles and mutter drowsy reassurances, neither of which are much help.

And so we have yet to collect the “Sleep Through the Night” achievement that, given how often we’re asked about it, seems to be the Holy Grail of infant parenting.

In other news I have, of late, been suffering sailing pangs again.  For example, this Friendship sloop has been calling to me from Maine, and I scroll through its pictures on Yachtworld with increasing regularity.


Sadly, all it takes is one weather eye toward our summer A/C costs, vet bills, college savings, the utterly ludicrous amount of taxes (almost $1,400 a month), that we pay for the “luxury” of living in Fort Bend/KISD, etc. etc, and any idea of owning a boat tacks neatly away from me again.

I blame this sudden swell in sailing sentiment on “In the Heart of the Sea,” which I’ve been listening to on audiobook on my commutes to and from work.  It will also be a Ron Howard movie, releasing later this year.

Hell yes.

And while it might seem counter-intuitive that a story about shipwrecks would make me want to captain a boat, somehow it does.

I’m not sure what that says about me.


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