School’s In

Summer is over, and we’re now back to the BumbleMornings.

Daphne doesn’t seem to have missed a beat where that’s concerned, though. She’s still waking up somewhere in the 6:30-7:30 range. **knock on wood**  Which works out extraordinarily well for Dad’s work schedule, as I’m typically just getting out of the shower as I hear her stirring on the baby monitor.

Here’s hoping that holds out…

She also seems to be getting more beautiful by the day. These, for example, were taken just before her bath/bedtime last night.

“Okay. No more pictures, Daddy…”

I wish I looked that good at the end of the day. I tend to look more like this after 9pm:

So. Many. Meetings.

Oh! Speaking of which, I did have a birthday last week, so thanks to all of you who sent well-wishings. I appreciate it. I have become The Answer to Life the Universe and Everything…albeit I certainly don’t feel any wiser.
Quite the contrary, actually. I seem to be getting much more scattered as…as I…


What was I saying?


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