Red Five

Yes, my beloved Red Sox won the World Series in just five games last night.

And yes, I was so amped up afterward that I didn’t go to bed until around 2am, after I’d watched the post-game celebration about 9 times.

They certainly didn’t waste any time putting that one up…

And yes, I did wake Daphne up with my barbaric yawps after Chris Sale struck out Machado to end the game.

Bend the knee, Manny.

With so much weighing on me right now, a Red Sox World Series was a welcome respite from my day-to-day worries, even for just a little while.

Speaking of the day-to-day, Daphne and I went out for a walk around our neighborhood this weekend, and I got a few pictures of her in the flowers.

Good times.

Afterward, we were both a bit worn out…

Man, that beard is getting grey.

We also broke the seal on the Halloween candy this Sunday, and so we have a bucket o’ goodness just sitting on the counter.

“There’s plenty. I’ll have just one. Just a nibble. Maybe two…”

I am slightly ashamed to admit that this cauldron of calories called to me like a chocolatey siren after the Sox won last night.
And I went to it.
A few times.
(Which might also be why I was up half the night.)

Okay I’m off. Talk to you all soon.


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