Oh, Hi.

So, it’s been almost 2 years. But, honestly, it’s not like a whole lot has really happened in that time.

Okay, just looking at those pictures of Daphne’s 4th birthday party down there, of being in a public water park, with…
other people.

Ugh, it’s givin’ me a case of the skeevy virus jibblies somethin’ fierce. Although it’s possible I’ve just been living in COVIDIA for too long.

So, um, hi!
How are you? How’s things?
Good, good…
Well, I’d love to tell you that things with us are status quo, that our little lives are virtually identical to when I left you all, back in the heady, innocent days of the spring of 2019. That our family is the bedrock upon which you may all anchor your sense of normalcy… But that wouldn’t be true. (And if you’re looking to me as a tether to reality, God help you.)

No. We’re in some serious flux right now. Deep flux. Things are pretty fluxxed up. Might even say we’ve nearly hit our capacity for flux.



No, there is too much, Let me sum up… In the past 30 days we’ve:

  • Sold our house
  • Sold both our cars
  • Sent most of our worldly belongings rattling across the country in the back of a large tractor trailer
  • Moved in temporarily with our respective parents
  • Purchased a Subaru Outback that appears to be on automotive Paxil, and only starts when it feels up to it,
  • Jen has left her job
  • We short-term rented an AirBnB in occupied Canada Canaan, VT for 3 months, beginning in April
  • We’ve had our first round of COVID shots
  • And are in the process of finding a small amount of New England acreage upon which to begin a new homestead-y existence.

Yeah, I know. You should go back and read all that again. It’s been a busy 2021 for us so far.

“I’m pretty sure there used to be a couch right about here,”

Anyway, as a result of just how fluxxing weird things have gotten of late, it made sense to try and to keep this thing updated a little more. In case some of you might like to hear about what we’re doing, where we’re going (we’re not even sure of that yet), and generally follow along in what will undoubtedly be a cornucopia of comedic errors that would make Voltaire roll his eyes.

I can’t promise how often I’m going to be able to post just yet. But I am going to make a good faith effort to, at the very least, document a little of these adventures for posterity.

So let’s get back to Bumblin’.


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  1. Happy to see you back !!! This should be a journey worth documenting!!!! Love you all!♥️♥️💕

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