Of Wagons and Balloons

Whoosh!  There went a weekend.

But first?
Yes, Friday’s post was an April Fool’s Day joke.  I’m not going skydiving, nor is Daphne.  Although in a couple years I will undoubtedly take her to iFly, since their minimum age is 3 years old.

So, the weekend.

After work on Friday we tried to go out to dinner at the new El Tiempo in Katy, thinking that if we arrived on the early side we’d be able to snag a table and be in and out before the Friday Night Katy Dinner Rush.  (THE FRINIKADIR!)
There was already a 40 minute wait for a table at 5:30 (and that’s simply not an option with an 11-month-old, even one as well-behaved as Daphne), so we left.  There was brief discussion about going back to Tony’s, but after the last debacle we decided against it and hit up Three Olives on the way home for some Italian take-out.  Which was…fine.

Saturday afternoon Daphne went to see her great-grandmother, so I stayed home and caught up on my Daredevil. Later that day my mom & Scott came by and stayed the night, so both were there for the morning of BumbleDay.

And speaking of BumbleDay, a couple hot air balloons took off in the early am and floated about 10 yards over the rooftops of our houses.
IMG_3862 IMG_3868 IMG_3869

After which we took the little girl for a walk in the RDO Daphwagon:

IMG_3879“We can’t stop here! This is bat country!”

Then watched some riveting episodes of Hide & Seek…

And finally, had some free roaming time upstairs in the playroom before Mom came home from Pure Barre.


And that, coupled with some Whole Foods time, was our weekend.

There was also a BumbleDad doctor visit mixed in there somewhere, but that’s definitely a story for another post.

See you tomorrow.


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