Nursery Time

So I’ve started the process of cleaning out what will become Daphne’s nursery on Sunday, and step one was removing the serious amount of stuff that’s been accumulating in there over the past 3 years.

clutterThis is about half of it…


10 large boxes of Magic: the Gathering cards, a stereo, a small box of DVDs and a trash bag filled with old t-shirts that my wife wouldn’t allow me to throw away* all made their exodus.  (*Apparently “t-shirt quilts” are a thing?)
Mrs. Bumble, however, is a teacher.  And as such there were mountains of manila folders with old grading assignments, hundreds of soft-cover treatises on proper grammar, boxes of various school supplies/desk ornaments, and dozens of giant (and very heavy), hardback textbooks cataloging countless ways to cajole children into reading.

But whining about lifting heavy objects is not the purpose of this post; it’s just a husband quota thing that had to be filled.  I’m done now.

So, now that all the detritus has been moved into the game room for sorting/filing/deleting, what I’m left with is a relatively empty space.

nursery1Toddler Tabula Rasa.

As such I’ve been reading a bit about nursery colors, and their effects on infants.  Which means that I have both a degree in aesthetics and too much time on my hands.

It seems red can cause fiery emotional outbursts, but orange is friendly and cozy.
Yellow agitates babies, but green is soothing and calming.
Blue causes melancholy, but purple promotes Firefly serenity.
Grey causes introspection, black is authoritative,  brown evokes poop (that one’s definitely out), white is secretive, etc. etc.

This information is currently effecting what I assume is that most common of cognitive dissonance in first time parents-to-be.

This seems completely ridiculous.  But…I don’t know…maybe it isn’t?

Anyway, I’m still not sure of the color palette of the walls, but I have already purchased prints.  They were done by a young lady named Liz Nugent, and were intended as Magic card sleeves for Star City Games.

Ze chubby skvirrel.

Ze Kaiju Tortle

Und ze Rokkit Pengvin


Yes, they’re adorable.  And the manager over at Star City Games seemed to agree with me, as he’s now planning to put them up in his own kid’s nursery.

Now, given the colors used in these prints, I think some variant on a buttery-yellow is where I’m going with the walls.   And hopefully Señor Rokkit Pengvin will help keep all baby agitation down to a minimum.


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