No Man’s Gator


Hey there.

Our dinner was fantastic last night, thanks for asking.  Although it did take us over an hour and a half to get there, due to some serious freeway issues.  But once we arrived, the samosas, chicken tomato masala and naan made it worth the wait.

It reminded me of how much I miss having dinner at real restaurants in the city.  
But that’s well-traveled territory, so let’s move on.  I’d like to talk for a moment about alligators.

This photo was on our local police department’s Facebook page yesterday, and it was taken in someone’s garage in my neighborhood:

gatorinthegarage“oh hai.”

That’s right.  It was so hot in Houston yesterday that ALLIGATORS were trying to find places to cool off.  And this big gal decided that someone’s open garage would be the perfect spot for a nice cool nap.  That is, until someone showed up with a stick and tried to yank her out.

“That’s right Bobby Joe, git in thar and wrassle that a 10-foot gator with yonder pool skimmer.  I done seen that Bindi girl do it with a meat thermometer once, you’ll be fine…”

My favorite part of the video is that they forgot to edit out the “…shit.” when the plastic Wal-Mart shelving unit falls on the alligator’s head.

“You’re makin’ no sense at all, and there’s alligators in the outlet mall.”

Anyway, they did eventually get her out of the garage.  I hear she’s been sent upstate for alligator reeducation in El Campo.

Now, on to the “play” part of “Freeplay Friday.” I’ve been playing No Man’s Sky for the past couple days, after the rest of the house has gone to bed.  And it’s been…pretty good.


It’s basically a space exploration game, with a hefty amount of inventory management.   So far I’ve just traveled to about a dozen of the 18-quintillion planets that exist in the game (it would take 5 billion real-time years to visit all of them), and collected data on the flora and fauna of each while mining for precious elements.  The cool part is that, if you discover a new species, you get to rename them and upload their new moniker to the galactic database.

nomansanimalsFor example, these little guys were, “Ictathorus Galenus” when I found them.  Now they’re known among the scientific community as, “Beaky Flippers.

There is a quiet narrative at work that’s gently encouraging me to make my way to the “center of the galaxy,” but so far I’ve just been renaming animals, learning to speak Gek (the language of an alien species), and mining the hell out of some “emeril” to trade on the Intergalactic Auction House.


Anyway, I’m not sure how long No Man’s Sky will keep my interest, but it’s been pretty entertaining so far.  And, by the way, it’s a fantastic game for kids.  There’s no chat function, very little violence, and loads of chemistry/geological references.

Okay, see you guys next week.


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