Morning Moods

I am not, by any definition of the phrase, a “morning person.”

In fact, I detest them.

But it eases the pain somewhat that my daughter is, more often than not, an extraordinarily happy little girl in the mornings.  So when I start my despondent trudge upstairs to get her, I’m met with smiles, cooing, and gleefully kicking feet when I look down in her crib.

whatmoodmorningpostThe morning Liu Kang

Sure, Daphne has her surly mornings too…


But usually she just seems surprised as to why I’m not my usual, jovial, daddy self…


Now, there are definitely times when it’s clear that she didn’t sleep well…


But most mornings she spends the morning bouncing around and laughing…


Essentially doing her damndest to turn her father into a morning person, like her and her mother.

It’s working.


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