Little Fish, Big Pool

Hi there.

Yep, it’s been a few. But honestly there hasn’t been a whole lot to report. We’re into a solid groove with our daily schedule, insomuch as there’s ever a “groove” involved when getting kids up and ready for school.

“I could ‘groove’ right back to bed and catch a few more hours of sleep, Dad.”

Jen’s school year is going along like they do, and it sounds like it’s going pretty well for the most part. She actually took last Friday off so we could go to the Lord Huron concert downtown without the need for a 4am wake-up call the following morning.

That’s they.

And the concert was great. Although it did become apparent, after standing on a concrete floor for 4 hours, that we’re getting a bit old to be among the “early arrival” crowd.  By the time Lord Huron came on it felt like I’d need to Uber a Hoveround just to get back to the car.

It was a good time. And Daphne was well-behaved for my mom, who came into town to watch her while Jen and I had our date night.

We did learn, however, that Daph is NOT a fan of that “Under the Sea” song in The Little Mermaid though.

That pinchy little devil has a plan…

She apparently became inconsolable for quite some time after that song came on. And I tried it the following day with her and got the same result.

“Wait…is that the crab song?”
“No, no! Not the crab song!”

Message received.
Zero distortion.
That song is a loser.
Got it.

Fortunately, it just so happens that I have the cure for the evil hymns of Jamaican crustaceans…

Beard snuggles to the rescue!

That crab’s got nothing on me.

Finally, as of Monday, Daphne graduated from her lessons in the baby pool, and is now taking swim class in the “big pool.”

I will attempt to get some pictures of this, however she’s much farther away than before so I’m not sure how well they’ll come out. Also, she shares the pool with other kids who are taking their lessons, and I’m naturally hesitant to start snapping pictures of other people’s kids in a pool. (The facility actually expressly forbids this, but her teacher allowed me to take the few pics/videos you’ve seen here, as long as I didn’t get any other kids in the background.)

I’ll do what I can though.

Okay, I’m off. See you soon.

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