I wrapped up my second round of homebrew on Saturday.

wortdregs1Despite looking like a Diaper Genie, this is actually my fermenting bucket.

This time I made a blonde ale that was supposed to have an ABV (Alcohol By Volume) upwards of 7%.  Strangely, much like the last batch, it once again ended up quite a bit lower than that.  Albeit this time it’s right at 5%, which is fine by me.  (The last one ended up being about 2.5%, and it tasted like beer-flavored Kool-Aid.)  Maybe our water has some chemicals that the yeast doesn’t like?  Next time I’ll try using spring water instead.

Regardless, I tried a sip before I bottled it and it’s actually pretty damn good.  Hopefully the carbonation process will go well and I’ll end up with some brew that’s suitable for sharing.  (I’ve a case and a half of 12 oz. bottles.)

I also forgot to mention this yesterday, but while Daphne and I were at the local Toys-R-Us I noticed that they already had their Halloween stuff out.


I’m of two minds about this.

First, it’s awesome.  Because cheap bags of Smarties, Tootsie Rolls, and Sixlets are a portent of awesome things to come.  Namely, autumn.

This means I’ve very nearly survived another summer in Texas.  (And my air conditioner only went out once!  *knocks on wood*)  And while this has been the hottest week on record this year, seeing Halloween costumes reminds me that cold fronts, dry air, and chilly nights are in the mail.  And they can’t get here fast enough.

It also means that the holidays aren’t far away which, shocker, is my favorite time of year.  Turns out the Texans start their preseason games this weekend, and there’s only 15 weeks until Thanksgiving.  /mindblown

But the other side, the side that’s not so awesome, has a lot to do with my wife.  This is the time of year when her vacation is winding down, and she has to somehow steel herself for the 10 grueling months of dealing with high school teenagers that lie ahead.  I love that she gets a couple months off each year to spend with our daughter, and it’s sad when those days come to an end.

And speaking of Daphne, I’m pretty sure I know what she could be for Halloween…


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