Greetings from Restedville

She slept through (most of) the night!  And there was much rejoicing…

Not all of the night, mind you.  There were still awakenings at 2 and 5am.  But that’s a much more manageable amount of sleepus interruptus for my poor wife, and certainly better than what we had been getting.  (For a week now Daphne has been waking up in 45 minute intervals, throughout the night.)

daphclock“Goodness, is that the time?!?  I’m late for my 12:20 screaming!”

It’s remarkable what just a couple more hours of rest can do for your outlook on the world.

In entirely unrelated news, I heard an interesting viewpoint the other day.  Jon Cryer (yes, that Jon Cryer), seemed to think that using euphemisms for vagina (like hoo-hah, pa-ching, etc.), inadvertently taught little girls that their reproductive organs were something they should be ashamed of.  And so he only uses the proper medical term when talking to his daughter about her…lady parts.

I’m not sure I agree with him (obviously), but then again I am decidedly sans vag and have zero idea of what it’s like to grow up as a little girl.  As such, I don’t have the answer here.  Something worth thinking about, I guess…


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