Getting There

Oh, hai there.


Happy 2016 to you.

So the holidays have come and gone, quickly, and as such Jen and I found ourselves cleaning up a house brimming with Xmas knick-knacks until almost 11 last night.

But at least now all the decorations have been put away (aside from what’s on the Xmas tree, which we’ll get to tonight), work has resumed, and we’re going about getting ourselves back into the swing of the day-to-day.  And I’ve discovered that, despite how it might sound, I’m actually a fan of this.

The chaotic schedule of the holidays is fun for a while, but I’m officially over it and ready to get back to my normal workday, normal diet, normal writing, normal exercise, etc.

jibsleeplapJib has had enough too.

Oh, and under the heading of “normal exercise,” there was apparently some miscommunication about my tai chi class last week (it was on Wednesday evening, not Tuesday), and given that I became miserably sick from Wed. to Fri, I was not in attendance.  So we’re going to give it a shot this week instead.  I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes…

Unfortunately, it seems Daphne has made other plans vis à vis our return to a normal schedule.  Her most recent itinerary looks more like:

8pm:  Refuse bottle
9pm:  Fight sleep/torture mommy
10pm:  Nap
11pm:  Awake from nap.  Inform the household of teething issues.
11:30pm:  Catnap.
Midnight:  Wake.  Demand bottle.
12:30 – 3am:  Thrash around in crib, sleep only if absolutely necessary.
3:45am:  Early morning teething reminder.
4:15 – 5:50am:  Rest/recharge vocal cords.
6am:  Yell quota not filled, alert Dad of this immediately.
6:30-8am:  Watch various Sesame Street/Taylor Swift videos with Dad.  Refuse to sleep.
8:45 – 9:50am:  Inform father that I am most disappointed in his decision to to shower/feed dogs/prepare breakfast/do anything other than play with me.
10:00am:  Instantly fall asleep in car seat on way to Nana & Gramps’s house.

Hopefully we’ll all get back to some semblance of normalcy here soon.

Okay, I’ve quite a bit to catch up on.  Talk to you tomorrow.


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