Freeplay Birthday


No, not Daphne’s b-day.  Hers is still a few months away.  I’m talking about this little website/picture repository/dadblog thing that you’re currently reading.

I wrote the first post exactly one year ago yesterday evening, more than 2 months before Daphne was born.  I know this, because the very next post was entitled, “77 to D-Day.”

*mild fanfare*

And right now you’re wondering how it’s possible that you’ve been reading this stuff for an entire year.

I can’t say that I’m surprised I’ve kept up with it.  I’ve blogged quite a bit in my day, and writing these things is as easy as breathing for me.  It takes no effort at all.  (And the more snarky among you are thinking, “it shows.”)

What I am proud of, however, is having written on this thing almost every day.  Because that was the goal I set for myself.  To write every day.  And this blog’s rai·son d’ê·tre is as a repository for sentences about my daughter and my life, in the vain hope that some of them will be interesting every once in a while.

So thanks to all of you for regularly dropping by.  I’ll see you on Monday.

*blows out candle*


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